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Many of us were there.

Your job is meaningless and unsatisfying, you feel unfulfilled and like you wasting your life.

Going every day to the job you think that there has to be more than that in the life.

You want to get out of your job and find a fulfilling career, where you can just feel happy, but you don’t have any special skills or experience.

You want to get new skills to make a career change, but without going to college. You can’t afford to have another unuseful degree and student debt.

You really want it, but you just have no idea how to do it.

There are two solutions.

You can stay on the job you hate like 80% of people in the world do.

You can go every day to the job which makes you miserable.

You can work on that job the rest of your life knowing that you don’t have any future prospects there and feeling just hopeless.

But there is also another option.

You can get 
out of your job in just 3 months and make $50k+  without going to college.

Sounds great, isn’t it?

Continue to read this article and you will learn exactly how to do it.


Computer programmers code different software applications and operating systems. These guys literally create our future! If you want to have a really valuable job and you are ready for deep, interesting, but complicated work, you should try it!

You need

Online courses

You can learn it by yourself, doing online courses

Price – from free to  €400

Average time – 6-12 months for learning one web programming language



Also, you can learn it with the mentor’s help, it would be much faster, but more expensive

Price – €40- €90 / hourAverage time – 2-3 months for one web programming language

Monthly salary

€1500 – €9000

Sources to check

Blog about computer programming – The Crazy Programmer blog, by Neeraj Mishra  

Find a freelance online job – best websites for web designers and programmers

Sources for learning

Code school, tuts+, edX,free code camp    


Web designers and developers create responsive, functional, modern web pages and make their design. If you like to create things, curious, like challenges and figure out how the website works, you should try this job.

You need

Online courses

Price – from free to €400

Average time – after 2-3 months of studying you can start to make first simple freelancing work, but depending on the level you want you will need from a few months to a few years for mastering your skills


Price –  €30 – €90 / hour

Average time – time of learning depends on how intensive you will be studying

Monthly salary

€1300 – €8500

Sources to check

Get your inspiration reading the blogs – Web Designer Depot, Design Bombs, Onextrapixel

Find a freelance online job – best websites for web designers and programmers

Sources for learning

You can find free courses on Udemy, Alison, tuts+, Coursera      


If you are a creative person and like to design things, you definitely should try it, you will create different visual content and design of logo, apps, products, and websites.

You need

Online courses

Price – from free to €300

Average time – as in almost every field, you can learn new skills in graphic design during the whole life, but if you want to get basic skills to start freelancing and dedicate to learning 4-5 hours of your time daily, you would need 7-12 months for getting those skills


Price – €30- €90 / hour

Average time – 4-7 months for getting basic skills and start freelancing

Monthly salary

€1300 – €6500

Sources to check

Get your inspiration – Mirador, Designweek, Designcloud

You can find a freelance job here – Upwork, Peopleperhour, Freelancer

Sources for learning

Free courses – Udemy, Alison, tuts+, Coursera


If you like to travel, discover new resorts and touristic places, share your experience with other people and have independent location job, the job of travel agent/consultant would be attractive for you. As a travel agent, you have to help your clients to choose travel destination, to book flight and accommodation, help them with visa and transportation.

Job opportunities: you can work in a local agency, online travel agency or have your own business.

You need

Get certification online or get experience of work in travel industry (you can have internships or work in hospitality industry)

Price – from free to €340

Duration – 1-2 months

Monthly salary

€1500 – €2300

Sources to check

Person doing it – Stepth and her blog for people who want to become travel agent

Valuable information for becoming and improving your travel agent career –   Home Travel Agency and The Travel Agent Blog

Get your inspiration for your clients next destinations –  The Quirky Traveler Blogs

Sources for learning

Travel Institute, Online travel training


Even if it sounds complicated for you, it’s real – you can become a freelance writer and get paid to travel around the world if you want it strongly enough. First, you can start to write on your blog and get some experience, after you can get out of your job, start to travel and write articles for newspapers, travel and lifestyle magazines and websites.

You need

Start to read a lot, make courses or read books about writing, choose your niche, create your blog, practice-practice-practice-practice, write articles for magazines, blogs or newspapers.


Per word –  €0,03 – €0,8

Per hour –  €17 –  €24

Per post / page / document – €20 – €400

Sources to check

Persons doing it – Darren Rowse and his blog «Problogger»

Sources for learning

Jon Morrow and his blog and courses for bloggers

Blog and courses of Brian Clarck about copywriting and content marketing

Seth Godin course about digital publishing


Do you know something so good, that you can teach other people? Maybe you don’t even realize it, but friends often ask your advice about the particular area and you really enjoy doing the particular type of work – because you are really good at it.

Even if you are not that good at something, but you WANT to get out of your job, work for yourself, bring value to people without going to college, you can do it! Choose which area is more interesting for you starting from nutrition, beauty, mindfulness to languages, business development, marketing, coding…and much more.

You need

Choose specific area interesting to you, take courses, practice and become good at it. You have several options

Online courses – from free to €2000, 1-6 months

Coaching training – €1200 – €6700, 16 – 100 hours

Monthly salary

€2000 – €4000

Sources to check

Persons doing it – Tony Robbins, Steve Pavlina, Marie Forleo

Sources for learning

Online courses here and here

International Coach Federation, the link is here       


Online marketing is one of the most popular industries right now with a lot of opportunities. With the growth of the internet, online marketing became one of the most required jobs. The best part – you can get necessary skills without going to college and work remotely. 

You need

Online courses

Price– from free to €2500

Average time of learning – 1-12 months

Monthly salary

€1500 – €7000

Sources to check

Persons doing it – Neil Patel and Rand Fishkin

You can find interesting blogs about digital marketing here and here

Sources for learning

You can find a lot of online courses here


Do you know what assistant’s job is about? Exactly – answering the clients, scheduling meetings, making personal tasks, marketing research, gathering different data on the internet. The job of a virtual assistant is the same. It includes everything, what one person can do remotely. For working as a virtual assistant, you can get skills needed without going to college and increase your salary constantly with increasing your experience.

You need

Learn everything about virtual assistance, choose the direction of work.

Get necessary skills doing online courses

Price – from free to €1700

Average time –1-2 months

Register on the websites, where you can find virtual assistant job, get your clients, improve your resume


€7 – €12 per hour

Sources to check

Person doing it – Michelle covering virtual assistant topic on her blog

Get your first job as virtual assistant – here or here

Sources for learning

Find online courses on Udemy, VA Training Academy, VA classroom     


Dropshipping – is another great option to get out of your job. Making dropshipping you can sell products, but you don’t need to have them in stock. You can sell products on Amazon, eBay or on your own website and your company will send products directly to the customers. Some advantages of this system are the following: you can learn it without going to college, you will have mobility, you can be your own boss, you don’t need a lot of money for starting a business, and it’s popular and trusted model.

You need

Learn everything about it on the internet and get started!

Monthly salary

€1000 – €100 000

Sources to check

Anton Kraly and his courses and blog about dropship lifestyle

Sources for learning

Check this article to know more about dropshipping 


If you speak English, you have a huge advantage! A lot of different options are available, depending on your preferences – you can work as a tutor online at home or get TEFL certification (online or in-person) and work almost at any place all over the world. You can work in language schools or be a personal tutor.

You need

Online TEFL course – €170 – €1100, 11 weeks

In-person TEFL course – €1170 – €1670, 4 weeks

Monthly salary

€850 – €3400, if you are working in another country in most cases accommodation is included

Sources to check

Jamie Bowly and his adventure blog

Nomadic Matt and his guide to teaching English overseas

Sources for learning

You can find detailed information about TEFL here and here  

You can check online TEFL courses  here   

Social Media Manager

Without going to college you also can become a social media manager, you will need to manage social accounts of businesses, make marketing and create content for them. Small business usually doesn’t require from social media manager to work more than 10-30 hours per week, so you can easily work for several companies.

You need

You may already have necessary skills, but if not you can take online courses

Price – from free to €2000

Duration – 30 hours-10 months


€5-12 per hour

Sources to check

AgoraPulse, Buffer Social, Mike Gingerich

Sources for learning

Find online free courses here


Job of transcriptionist will allow you to get out of your job without going to cillege again. As a transcriptionist, you need to transcribe audio and video files to the text documents. You can make transcription in different areas: medical, general, legal, you also may transcribe the podcasts and speeches.

You need

You need to have a good comprehension in English, to have a computer and internet connection


€0,3-€1 per min

Sources to check

More about transcriptionist job

You can find a job on Scribe, Upwork, Transcribeme

Sources for learning

Online course for becoming a transcriptionist

13.Proofreading and editing

As a proofreader, you have to check the accuracy of the written texts. For becoming the proofreader without going to college, you can finish online courses. To get out of your job you can start to work as a freelancer and after start to work in a company if it feels right for you.

You need

You have to pay attention to details, have knowledge of spelling and grammar. If you know different languages – it’s a big advantage, because you can make proofreading of texts, written in the different languages.


From €5 to €20 per hour

Sources to check

You can find job on, Proofreading services

Sources for learning

Udemy, Universal class, College of media publishing

14.Data entry specialist

Data entry specialist finds or takes information from different sources and enters it into the electronic system.  It’s easy to find data entry specialist job doing freelancing, so you can get out of your job quickly. Another option of work as a data entry specialist is working on the constant base for the companies.

You need

High diploma or equivalent, good typing speed and reading comprehension


From €5 to €20 per hour

Sources to check

Find job on PeoplePerHour, Freelancer, Upwork

Sources for learning

For being data entry specialist, you don’t necessarily need to get additional skills, it depends on the requirements for a particular job. But if you want to improve your skills of using Excel or searching data on the internet, you can check courses here, here and here or make your own search on the internet.

Online tutor

Do you have a good knowledge of physics, mathematics, literature, biology or history and like to teach other people? Even if you don’t know these subjects good enough, but some of them are interesting for you and you want to earn money doing online tutoring, you can learn it without going to college, start tutoring and finally get out of your job.

You need

To be communicative and friendly, interested in the subject you want to teach and have knowledge of that subject


€10-€20 per hour

Sources to check

Here you can find more information about the online tutor job and websites for finding a job

Sources for learning

You can find courses on the corresponding subject on Coursera or Udemy

You may feel that you are stuck on the job which makes you miserable and can’t get out of it.

You may feel that you don’t have enough skills to find a high paid job you enjoy. Going to college is a great option, but you don’t want to finish it at your 30s still with no real work experience and probably with another student debt.

However, you have an opportunity to get out of your job.

You have an opportunity to learn the new skills without going to college, so you can start to earn money in just a 3 months.

Your success and income here depend only on you. The more you work, more you can earn.

You can have a fulfilling job and live a happy life.

Just choose one job from the list which you love the most, and do your best for learning it!
However, don’t make the most common career choice mistakes.

If you want to get out of your job and find a career you love, but still don’t how to do it, you can also check «7 steps fulfilling career pdf checklist».



 So, you are making a career choice. But before doing it, you should know  that most of the people make these career mistakes don’t realizing it. It results in this horrifying statistics:

51% of graduates are working on the jobs, which don’t require their academic degree.

80% people don’t enjoy or hate their job.

You don’t want to end up like that, don’t you?

You have to be very careful here.

Those people definitely did career choice mistakes, but you can avoid them. 


1. Being too “realistic”

Don’t try to be just practical and choose profession, which you see around in everyday life, because you think you can find job easier and you don’t have too many options.

World is much bigger than you think and there are a lot of opportunities which you have to explore. Don’t be limited by what you see in your area, you always can consider relocation.

How to avoid this mistake:

Be curious, explore new possibilities, learn about experience of other people. Try new hobbies even if it seems first difficult. Only doing new things you can understand if you like something or not!

Think about moving to other city or country.

others and don’t thinking about your interests

One of the most common mistakes which happens very often – our parents make career choice for us.

Don’t you find it ridiculous?

Of course, they want the best for us and you have to know their opinion and respect it, but in most cases they don’t know about many career possibilities. So, how can they give you objective advice if they miss a lot of information?

They say: «we know what would be better for you», but you are the person who will have to work on career you are choosing all your life.

A lot of people become chronically unhappy, choosing job which is not interesting for them.

How to avoid this mistake:

Think about every career and analyze if it would be interesting for you. Probably you don’t completely understand what you have to do having some of these careers. That’s why it is so important to get information about it and about experience of other people.

 3.Don’t thinking what you really want

Did you think what your ideal job has to look like? Probably you did. But it may be that you just refuse this idea because you want to be REALISTIC about your opportunities. You could give up on your personal interests thinking that you can’t earn money doing that.

Why? The most famous people in the world became successful only because they were doing what they like, they were struggling to achieve their dreams and they got it!

How to avoid this mistake:

Think about life which you want to have in the future, even if it seems unreal to you.
Do you want to move to other city or country? Where do you want to spend your free time? Which kind of job, house, family, environment do you want to have?

4. Not believing in yourself

Admit that you had this thought making career choice – «I don’t see any sense to try, because I am not sure that I can do it» or «Yes, this person achieved a lot, but I am not that smart».

But you didn’t even try… You just crush yourself without even trying to do something. Deciding that you are not very good for something, you just decide to stay on the same level all your life. 

How to avoid this mistake:

You can achieve everything what you want. Just start to believe.

Start to discover – take online courses, talk with people who doing it, read everything about it, make internship in company you are interested in.

Desire it, dream about it, take actions towards to it and you will get it!

5. Choosing to stay in the comfort zone

This is one of the mistakes which we make, without even realizing it. It becomes normal to choose the job which is more comfortable, even if we don’t really like it.

For getting this job, we don’t need to learn additional skills or it’s located next to home or this job is offered by some friends.

We just prefer to stay in our comfort zone and choose easier opportunities.

It is very dangerous, because we do not grow personally and professionally.

Moreover staying on this kind of jobs for some time, we risk to stay there forever and be unhappy.

How to avoid this mistake:

Go out of comfort zone and discover what you like for making right career choice. Try activities and hobbies, which you have never tried before – climbing, public speaking, writing, learning new languages, coding, graphic design.

6. Not thinking about career trends, income and career growth

You have to consider personal interests, but income is very important as well, so the best way – is to find the balance between them.

Checking career trends might help you to choose your career, you can find interesting and unexpected options.

Choosing your future career, it is very important to know where you can grow.

Many people are leaving their job, because they can not grow further and it becomes difficult for them to work.

How to avoid this mistake:

Think about salary which you want to have and check if working on the job of your interest you can have this money.

7. Not taking into account all career aspects 

Before dedicating all your life to one career, you have to know about it as much as possible: where you can work in the future, requirements for employment, description of job, duties.

How to avoid this mistake:

You have to contact to people who did it, you can do it on different forums. Also you should read everything about career in internet, watch all related videos, visit companies, try skills related to this career doing online courses.

Make your own research! You have to consider salary which you need, future opportunities for career growth and trends

8. Thinking that money is more important than personal interest

A lot of us think that money can make us happy and make career choice only based on the amount of salary in the future. Of course, money is very important to us, but it is not less important to love what you are doing.

How money can make your life happier if you don’t like or even hate what you are doing each moment during 9 hours almost every day.

How can you feel happy if you feeling destroyed after your job.

How can you feel happy if you forgot what it´s to be excited, motivated and passionate about what you are doing.

How to avoid this mistake:

In our world there are a lot of opportunities for earning money, just discover new hobbies and try new activities and you can find something which you really like.

Be aware of these mistakes making your career choice.

Only you can decide which life you want to have – a dream career or job, which you may not enjoy or even hate.

Think about life you want to have. Discover new careers and interesting people and believe in yourself. Avoid mistakes, which other people made.

If you are doing what you love, you can become successful, make great contribution to this word and be happy! Everything is possible if you really want it!

All successful people started from nothing but implemented their dreams. So you can do it too!

Choose three new careers which you found interesting.

Read about people who already doing it, ask them how they did it, make online courses.

Find a mentor, who can help you identify which career is the best for you and show you the way how to get it.
You are the boss of your life, don’t allow silly mistakes to destroy it!


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