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Career choice

You realized it. You can’t continue to be on that job anymore. You need a career change.

But something inside you don’t let you to do it.

You have spent insane amount of time, efforts and money for getting that education.

You still remember how you struggled to obtain that experience for getting high paid position.

You still remember how you were fighting for each new interview and were proving that you deserve this position, that you are better than others.

You got it.

And now you are wondering – what may happen if you make this career change?

You don’t know.

What is even worse – you don’t have any idea which career choice to make!


1.Be sure that you really need career change

You have to be aware of reasons why you want to change your career and risks which you have, changing it. Analyze if you need only because of the bad day or you really want and need it.

Ask yourself the following questions:

– what exactly you like and don’t like in your job

– are these circumstances serious enough for changing career

– can you meet the same circumstances on a new job?

2. Be clear about your priorities

Before making any action you have to be completely sure what kind of person you are and what is important for you

Ask yourself the following questions:

-which lifestyle do you want to have

-what are your priorities in the career (money, meaningful work, creative tasks, being active during your work, having independency)

–  do you have something what you especially like doing and want to connect your career to it

3. Finding career you love

If you decided that you want this career change but didn’t decide what would be your career choice– make research

Points to figure out

-read career overview / watch video

-advantages/disadvantages/reviews of other people

– where you can work and requirements for getting job

– visit some of these companies if it’s possible

4. Minimize the risks

After deciding on your career choice, figure out what it will take to make career change

-do you have any special circumstances which stopping you from change

(don’t you have to take care about family member, you family doesn’t struggle with money right now, don’t you have child which you have to take care all the time)

-how much money / time do you need for development of your new career

-how much money / time you can dedicate to it

5.Make plan of actions

If you want to get real results, you need plan

-make list of all possible careers you should discover

-plan which actions you have to do to discover them

– set a time when you have to do it

6. Be in community of amazing people

Other people who have career you want to have – are example for us. They give us inspiration and knowledge about how to move forward. Find them, ask how they did it and follow their advices.
Make the following actions

-find meetups in your city, were you can meet these people

– find online communities

– be on forums, ask questions you want to know

7. Become an expert

Do you really need to go to university for getting other education? In most cases in university you get a lot of information which you don’t really need. You can learn everything in internet, it will be much cheaper and effective.

-make list of materials on your topic in internet (webinars, books, online courses) and set timeline for learning each of them

– offer your services for free to small companies and individuals for getting experience


It’s more than just career choice, it’s choosing yourself.

It’s discovering a new world, full of inspiration, amazing people and unlimited opportunities.

It’s learning new abilities which you have, but you didn’t know about.

It’s breaking the limits of self-doubts and critique of other people and getting job and life of your dreams.

Fight for it! Fight for your ideas, your success and happiness!

If other people could do it, so you can!


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